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Anti-Slip Floor Treatment Service Prevents Injuries and Saves Money

A NevaSlip treated floor will make you compliant with OSHA and ADA requirements. You will be providing a safe, non slip floor for your for your employees and customers to walk on, thereby reducing the chances of a harmful slip/fall accident and/or a costly lawsuit. Your insurance premiums may be lowered and you may be eligible for tax benefits. Check with your insurance agent and ask your accountant about IRS Form 8826.

NevaSlip anti slip floor service can make kitchens, lobbys, entry ways, shower rooms, patios, pool decks, etc. slip resistant and safe. The perfect safety solution for resturants, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, malls, etc. Any buisness or residence that has tile, marble, granite, terrazzo or concrete floors, should have NevaSlip make their slippery floors - no slip floors.

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