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Slip-Resistant (SCOF) Testing Service per ASTM-1028-06

To determine the slip-resistance (Static Coefficient of Friction) of any type tile, marble, granite in compliance with ASTM-1028-06, please fill in the form below and send it along with 3 pieces of the material you would like tested (minimum size 8" x 8")

Laboratory Report

After completion of the test, you will receive a report indicating the SCOF of the tested material, wet and dry.

Costs per test: $250.00

Tiles are tested within 7 days of receipt. Tested tiles can be returned at an additional cost.

Questions: Call 781 598-2020

ASTM-1028-06 Tile Test Order Form

Please fill-out this form and include it with your 3 tiles. Send to: Trusty-Step International, 271 Western Avenue, Lynn MA 01904. Payment with order is required.

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