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Slip & Fall related injuries are costly and far more common than most realize. According to the Centers for Disease Control, unintentional falls accounted for over over 25% of the initial Emergency Room visits in 2005! In an independent study done by the National Floor Safety Institute, flooring was the cause for over 50% of slip & fall accidents. NFSI also estimates the average cost to defend against a slip and fall lawsuit is around $50,000.

Slippery floor conditions not only impact your customers, but your employees as well. The National Safety Council in 1999 discovered that over 20% of all occupational accidents were related to falls. Liberty Mutual in 2002 released an annual report that revealed that employee slip-and-fall accidents cost $6.2 billion dollars. These increasing costs can translate directly into increase insurance premiums.

The Restaurant Insurance Corporation estimated that every customer injury results in $3,550 dollars in liability costs for the business owner. Can you business afford this kind of financial risk?

Nevaslip can make your floors safer for both customers and employees alike by applying coatings that reduce the static coefficent of friction (SCOF) to a value of 0.6 or higher for at least 8 years. This is the minimum SCOF value recommended by the ADA for slip resistant floors.

Nevaslip's Floor Treatment Specialists can be your safety solution for kitchens, lobbys, shower rooms, pool decks, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and malls. Let us make your marble, granite, terrazzo or concrete floors slip resistant.

Finally, consider that your business may be eligible for tax benefits (IRS Form 8826), possible reductions in your insurance premium and worker's compensation related expenses.

Free Tile Testing Service

If you provide us with sample tile(s), we will treat them and return them to you, at no charge. In this way, you will be able to see exactly what your floor will look and feel like, before you have the work done. You will be amazed at how slip resistant and safe your floors can be after a NevaSlip treatment.

Contact Nevaslip today for a custom quote. Let us make your business slip resistant.

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Still need convincing? Consider these words from Liberty Mutual.

July 3, 2007

Stan Handman, President
271 Western Avenue
Lynn, MA 01904
Dear Stan,

It was enjoyable meeting with you recently and I wanted to send you this letter. As we discussed, slips & falls are the largest source of injuries to the public and the second largest cause of worker injuries in the United States. Slips & falls inside stores, supermarkets, hotels and workplaces are a very large problem.

Various studies have shown that two-thirds of all falls can be traced to floor surface slip resistance problems. Your company has been on our list of well recognized suppliers for over the past fifteen years. Liberty Mutual provides this list to our customers so that they can use proven slip resistance treatments. A number of our clients have used your products and they have dramatically reduced or eliminated slip and fall injuries.

We appreciate your interest in safety and the prevention of slips & falls. Besides reducing serious injuries and their related costs, productivity and efficiency are improved when floor surfaces are kept in proper condition. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

John W. Russell
John W. Russell - PE, CSP, CPE, CPEA, ARM, PCMH
Technical Director . National Markets Loss Prevention
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