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Slip and Fall Accidents Can Be Expensive

Slip and fall accidents are the 2nd leading cause of accidental deaths in the U.S. They are the single largest cause of emergency room visits and the average slip and fall injury costs $28,000.00. There are 9 million disabling slip and fall accidents each year according to the National Safety Council.

Slip/Fall Accidents Can Be Expensive

MAN AWARDED $5.8 MILLION - February 5TH 2007

A man who was seriously injured in a slip and fall accident at Seaview Lincoln-Mercury on January 17, 2003 has won over $5.7 million in a personal injury lawsuit. This is one of the largest jury verdicts in such a case in the history of southern New Jersey.

The suit named the car dealership, where the accident happened, and a mobile detailing company as defendants. The jury found the dealership 99 percent responsible for the accident, and ordered it to pay over $5.7 million to the plaintiff.


In many instances, it is the business owners’ responsibility to prove that they “exercised reasonable care in the maintenance of the premises under the circumstances … business premises should be aware of the potentially hazardous conditions that arise from the way in which they conduct their business”. (Quote – Florida Supreme Court) “Slippery When Wet” floor signs do not protect an establishment against litigation. They merely indicate that the owners recognize that they have a dangerous, slippery floor and have chosen not to correct the problem.

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