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In order to receive the full benefits of a NevaSip treated floor, it is necessary for your floors to be cleaned daily and a test of the Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) made and recorded in a log book. In this way, your floors will remain slip-resistant and safe and you will have a useful defense against any negligence litagation.


A reliable, easy to use, portable Horizontal Pull Slip Meter to measure how slippery a floor surface is. This is done by measuring the force necessary to cause a fixed weight object to move. The reading taken is called the "static coefficient of friction" (SCOF).

The Slip Meter features a force gauge that registers and holds the maximum force value. The dial indicates if the surface meets OSHA and/or ADA requirements.

The unit includes a drive motor with 4 C batteries, battery charger, meter block, sanding block, brush, leather, neolite and rubber feet and carrying case.


• Consistency of data is not dependent on user's hand/eye    coordination.
• Referenced in ASTM Standard Test Method F609-79.
• Established credibility in legal actions.
• Testing can be performed in the field.
• Portable, weighs only 11 pounds.
• No power cord or electrical outlet required.
• Simple to operate.
• Includes peak hold memory.

Operating Instructions

1. Place the meter block on the surface to be tested.
2. Place the drive motor in line with hooked end of the meter block.
3. Hook the cord from the drive motor to the meter block.
4. Press and hold the ON button with your thumb until the meter     block moves.
5. Release the ON button. The needle on the dial will point to the     SCOF reading and indicate whether or not the surface meets     OSHA and/or ADA requirements.

$1995.00 + Shipping/Handling

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